Tear sheets

Lever sets

Antalya UR250_56.pdf (PDF-File)

Atlantis UER36_73.pdf (PDF-File)

Babylon UER32_73.pdf (PDF-File)

Chicago UR220_56.pdf (PDF-File)

Corsica UER30_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Crete UER27_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Cuba UER33_73.pdf (PDF-File)

Cyprus UER29_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Denver UR230_56.pdf (PDF-File)

Elba UER22_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Futura UER84_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Futura UER84_72.pdf (PDF-File)

Gent UR473_55.pdf (PDF-File)

Gent UR473_65.pdf (PDF-File)

Iceland UER14_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Jersey UER19_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Kioto UER72_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Kos UER20_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Lignano Steel UER35_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Lignano Steel UER35_73.pdf (PDF-File)

London UER51_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Madeira UER45_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Madeira UER45_81.pdf (PDF-File)

Madeira UER45_LD_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Madeira UER45_LH_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Madeira UER45_LS_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Malta UER25_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Manhatten UER21_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Miami UER85_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Milano UER52_71.pdf (PDF-File)

New York UER65_71.pdf (PDF-File)

New York UER65_73.pdf (PDF-File)

Ontario UER64_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Ontario UER64_73.pdf (PDF-File)

Oregon UER48_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Oregon UER48_73.pdf (PDF-File)

Orlando UR42_56.pdf (PDF-File)

Phoenix UR40_65.pdf (PDF-File)

Porto UER43_73.pdf (PDF-File)

Rhodos UER28_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Rhodos UER28_72.pdf (PDF-File)

Rhodos UER28_81.pdf (PDF-File)

Rio Steel UER34_73.pdf (PDF-File)

Seattle UER46Q_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Seattle UER46Q_72.pdf (PDF-File)

Seattle UER46Q_81.pdf (PDF-File)

Starlight UR38_65.pdf (PDF-File)

Stockholm UR79_73.pdf (PDF-File)

Tasmania UER31_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Tasmania UER31_72.pdf (PDF-File)

Tokyo UER66_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Torino UR53_50.pdf (PDF-File)

Torino UR53_60.pdf (PDF-File)

Toronto UER71_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Venice UR15E_73.pdf (PDF-File)

Verona UER37_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Verona UER37_72.pdf (PDF-File)

Lever sets on plate

Antalya UELR250_56.pdf (PDF-File)

Atlantis UEL36_73.pdf (PDF-File)

Babylon UEL32_73.pdf (PDF-File)

Corsica UEL30_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Crete UEL27_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Cuba UEL33_73.pdf (PDF-File)

Cyprus UEL29_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Elba UEL22_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Futura UEL84_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Futura UEL84_72.pdf (PDF-File)

Iceland UEL14_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Jersey UEL19_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Kioto UEL72_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Kos UEL20_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Lignano Steel UEL35_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Lignano Steel UEL35_73.pdf (PDF-File)

London UEL51_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Madeira UEL45L_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Madeira UEL45_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Madeira UEL45_81.pdf (PDF-File)

Malta UEL25_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Manhattan UEL21_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Miami UEL85_71.pdf (PDF-File)

New York UEL65_71.pdf (PDF-File)

New York UEL65_73.pdf (PDF-File)

Ontario UEL64_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Ontario UEL64_73.pdf (PDF-File)

Oregon UEL48_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Oregon UEL48_73.pdf (PDF-File)

Orlando UELR42_56.pdf (PDF-File)

Phoenix UELR40_65.pdf (PDF-File)

Portland UEL47_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Porto UEL43_73.pdf (PDF-File)

Rhodos UEL28_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Rhodos UEL28_72.pdf (PDF-File)

Rhodos UEL28_81.pdf (PDF-File)

Rhodos XL UEL18_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Rio Steel UEL34_73.pdf (PDF-File)

Seattle UEL46_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Seattle UEL46_72.pdf (PDF-File)

Seattle UEL46_81.pdf (PDF-File)

Starlight UELR38_65.pdf (PDF-File)

Stockholm UEL79_78.pdf (PDF-File)

Tasmania UEL31_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Tokio UEL66_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Torino UELR53_50.pdf (PDF-File)

Torino UELR53_60.pdf (PDF-File)

Toronto UEL71_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Venice UELR15_73.pdf (PDF-File)

Verona UEL37_71.pdf (PDF-File)

Verona UEL37_72.pdf (PDF-File)

Verona UEL37_73.pdf (PDF-File)

Mortice sets

European style latch sets

Antalya_TR250_56_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Atlantis_TER36_73_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Babylon_TER32_73_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Chicago_TR220_56_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Corsica_TER30_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Cuba_TER33_73_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Cyprus_TER29_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Denver_TR230_56_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Elba_TER22_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Futura_TER84_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Futura_TER84_72_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Gent_TR473_55_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Gent_TR473_56_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Iceland_TER14_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Jersey_TER19_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Kioto_TER72_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Lignano_TER35_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Lignano_TER35_73_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Lignano_TER35_75(76)_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Lima_TER82_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

London_TER51_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Madeira_TER45_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Madeira_TER45_81_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Madeira_TER45_LD_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Madeira_TER45_LH_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Madeira_TER45_LS_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Malta_TER25_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Manhattan_TER21_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Miami_TER85_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Milano_TER52_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

New York_TER65_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

New York_TER65_73_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Ontario_TER64_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Ontario_TER64_73_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Oregon_TER48_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Oregon_TER48_73_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Orlando_TR42_56_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Phoenix_TR40A_65_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Porto_TER43_73_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Rhodos_TER28_81_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Rio_Steel_TER34_73_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Seattle_TER46_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Seattle_TER46_81_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Starlight_TR38_16_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Starlight_TR38_65_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Stockholm_TER79_73_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Tokyo_TER66_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Torino_TR53_50_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Torino_TR53_60_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Toronto_TER71_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Venice_TR15E_73_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Verona_TER37_71_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Verona_TER37_72_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Verona_TER37_73_Latch set.pdf (PDF-File)

Karcher Design products are designed and measured in metric. The imperial measurements are close approximations to the actual metric dimensions.
Do  n o t use chloride-containing cleaners (especially those containing hydrochloric acid), hypochlorite bleaches, chloride wipes and silver cleaners.