Specification details

European style handle sets on plate

Knob sets & Bolts

Window handles

Pull handles

ES2_us.rtf (RTF-File)

ES3G_us.rtf (RTF-File)

ES3_us.rtf (RTF-File)

ES4P_us.rtf (RTF-File)

ES5PQ_us.rtf (RTF-File)

ES6Q_us.rtf (RTF-File)

ES20_us.rtf (RTF-File)

ES21_us.rtf (RTF-File)

ES23_us.rtf (RTF-File)

ES24_us.rtf (RTF-File)

ES25_us.rtf (RTF-File)

ES27_us.rtf (RTF-File)

ES31_us.rtf (RTF-File)

ES37_us.rtf (RTF-File)

ES43_us.rtf (RTF-File)

ES46_us.rtf (RTF-File)

ES48_us.rtf (RTF-File)

ES51_us.rtf (RTF-File)

ES65_us.rtf (RTF-File)

ES66_us.rtf (RTF-File)

ES69_us.rtf (RTF-File)

ES72_us.rtf (RTF-File)


EPDQ_us.rtf (RTF-File)

EPD_us.rtf (RTF-File)

ET1_us.rtf (RTF-File)

EZ202_us.rtf (RTF-File)

EZ209_usa.rtf (RTF-File)

EZ210_us.rtf (RTF-File)

EZ211_us.rtf (RTF-File)

EZ212_us.rtf (RTF-File)

EZ213_us.rtf (RTF-File)

EZ214_us.rtf (RTF-File)

EZ215_us.rtf (RTF-File)

EZ216_us.rtf (RTF-File)

EZ1702_us.rtf (RTF-File)

EZ1703Q_us.rtf (RTF-File)

EZ1704Q_us.rtf (RTF-File)

EZ1704_us.rtf (RTF-File)

EZ1705Q_us.rtf (RTF-File)

EZ1705_us.rtf (RTF-File)

Z1702_us.rtf (RTF-File)

Z1923_us.rtf (RTF-File)

Z1925_us.rtf (RTF-File)

Karcher Design products are designed and measured in metric. The imperial measurements are close approximations to the actual metric dimensions.
Do  n o t use chloride-containing cleaners (especially those containing hydrochloric acid), hypochlorite bleaches, chloride wipes and silver cleaners.