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3 sided revolving tower in black and red TD11USSR

3 sided revolving tower in black and red TD11USSR 3 sided revolving tower in black and red TD11USSR

Height 6 4/5 ft
Footprint 1.85 ft

Large roses (2 5/8“) with levers and knobs
Small roses (2 1/16“) with levers
Pocket Door hardware
U.S. style backplates
European style backplates
Coordinating Accessoires (door stops, house numbers)

Standard sample assortment:

UER21 PAS 71, UER24 PAS 71, UER28 PAS 71, UER37 PAS 71, UER30 PAS 71, UER65 PAS 71, UER85 PAS 71, UER45 PAS 71, UER46Q PAS 71, UER31Q PAS 72, UER37 PAS 72, UER43 PAS 73

UER48 PAS 71, UER71 PAS 71, UEDB 71, EZ1704, EZ1703Q,UEZ1340 PB 71, UEZ1332 PB 71, EZ211 71, EZ210 71, EZ212 71, EZ216 71, UEL37 LA 71 (inside), UEL79 LA 73 (outside), RLE28 UN 71, RLE46Q UN 71

UER52 PAS 71, UR53 HE1 PAS 50, TR38 LA 65, TER48 LA 73, TEPL28 LA 71, TEPL45Q LA 71, TER28 LA 81, TER46Q LA 81, TER46Q LA 71, TER45LD LA 71, UK400 DUM 72, UK450 DUM 71

The standard sample assortment can be upgraded upon request

Karcher Design products are designed and measured in metric. The imperial measurements are close approximations to the actual metric dimensions. 
Do  n o t use chloride-containing cleaners (especially those containing hydrochloric acid), hypochlorite bleaches, chloride wipes and silver cleaners.