Mission Invisible

designs reduced to the essentials

Mission Invisible

Minimalist - designs reduced to the essentials

Minimalist - designs reduced to the essentials is the main characteristic of modern, purist interior design. KARCHER DESIGN has dedicated their mission to this style, and developed a new concept in which the door handle and rosette appear to be almost invisible: "The Mission Invisible”.

The result is a mini rosette with a diameter of just 1 3/16" (30 mm) and a thickness of 1/16" (2 mm). The rosette disappears almost completely behind the door handle and reduces the door fitting to a minimum. A total of three matching door handle models are available in classic matt stainless steel and the multi-award-winning trend color Cosmos Black.


The model Soho ERI57 was developed in collaboration with the product designer Itamar Harari. The challenge was to design the door handles in such a way that the rose becomes invisible. The goal; to merge the door handle and the rose into one unit. The Soho ERI57 model exhibits clear edges with rounded elements. This balanced interplay of forms allows the door handle to rest ergonomically in the hand.


In homage to the very popular door handle model Seattle ER46Q, the door handle Boston ERIQ58 was developed. Here too, straight shapes speak for modern simplicity, which is fully exploited in combination with the mini-rosette. Compared to the Seattle door handle model, the handle of the Boston model is flatter in design. The handle neck also widens vertically towards the door to reduce the visibility of the mini-rose to a minimum.


The model Brooklyn ERI59 was developed in collaboration with the product designer Itamar Harari. The decisive factor for the design of the Brooklyn ERI59 door handle model was the objective of "invisibility" for both the rose and the door handle. The door handle has a narrow design, stretching out flat towards the back at the door. Looking at the door handle from a distance of approx. 3m, only a narrow line is visible. The door handle is thus barely visible, and its presence in the room is reduced to a minimum.

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Technical cleverness

In order to make the mini-rose as minimalist as possible from a technical point of view, the rosette is not screwed on. The mini-rose is simply pressed into the door. The small serrations anchor the rose firmly in the door leaf. This innovative mounting technique does not require additional drilling in the door leaf and is particularly durable. The door handles are fixed to the spindle by means of the grub screw. On request, the mini-rose can also be combined with other models in the KARCHER DESIGN range.

With the help of the aforementioned elements, KARCHER DESIGN has fulfilled its mission. The 30 mm small mini-rose disappears behind the door handle, innovative designs make the new door handles unnoticeable and the new colour Polaris white creates perfect uniformity with the doors. Combined together, the ideal solution is a success for the "Mission Invisible".



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