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Karcher Design Cosmos Black

The delicate touch - the 3-time award-winning surface Cosmos Black by Karcher Design

From birth, touch plays a major role in our lives. The sense of touch is one of the most impressive and distinctive senses of us humans. The sense of touch is the first to develop in the womb. This means that we begin to feel even before we come into the world.

A special kind of touch sensation is offered by the cosmos black coated products from Karcher Design. The matt black color is applied to the door handle by powder coating. The process is environmentally friendly and makes the products scratch and corrosion resistant. The silky soft surface creates an unforgettable feeling.

Karcher Design was one of the first companies to launch the modern and minimalist handles in a black color. The products fit perfectly into modern furnishing concepts and are the eye-catcher on every door.

In 2019 the Cosmos Black surface was awarded with the Red Dot Design Award in the category materials and surfaces. In 2019, the products were also awarded with the Callwey Award and in 2018 the products were already able to convince the jury of the French MUUZ International Award.

The color is particularly popular in the architecture scene. Karcher Design products already adorn well-known references such as the main headquarters "Cosmo" of Christian Dior Parfum in Paris, the Boutique Hotel Kimpton DeWitt in Amsterdam, several sales outlets of the car manufacturer Mercedes in France or many office furnishings of the WeWork group.

In this way, entering any room through contact with the cosmos of black surface becomes a special experience.

A feeling of comfort. A touch that moves.