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Kimpton De Witt - Amsterdam

Home is not a place but a feeling - and that's exactly the feeling Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group Inc. has been giving in each of there 65 hotels for over 30 years. The so-called boutique hotels from the USA are individually, personally managed, exclusive and often luxurious. As well the Kimpton De Witt, in the heart of Amsterdam, a city known for its youthful and hip charm.

Amsterdam communicates style and flair, just like the Kimpton De Witt in all 274 rooms and 9 suites. What is interesting is that Ave Bradley and the architects have succeeded in combining traditional and architectural elements of the Renaissance with contemporary impressions of modernity.

The hotel promises luxury and privacy and has been enhanced by many modern design elements, such as our black Rhodes TER28 door fitting as a lever handle set and our sliding door roses EZ1602 in Cosmos black. These were selected to match the matt black bathroom fittings.

Our black products fit perfectly with the other high-quality room elements. At the same time, the black color contrasts with the warmer wooden elements, such as the ceiling beams and cupboards. All in all, the furnishings appear complete and stylishly designed thanks to the black products.

The paint is applied as a powder coating to the stainless steel products. The electrostatic coating process is environmentally friendly and the result is of high quality. Our products in "Cosmos Black" are not only scratch-resistant and extremely corrosion-resistant, but also convincing in their appearance.