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Lever handle "London" on 2 5/8" rose UER51

US style latch set passage London UER51 US style latch set passage London UER51

Stainless steel lever handle "London" on 2 5/8" rose: latch set for pre-bored doors.

Rose type*


  • PAS - passage
  • PRI - privacy
  • DUM - full dummy set
  • DUML - half dummy left
  • DUMR - half dummy right

Diameter of lever

x 1/2 "

(25 x 13 mm)


stainless steel

Tear sheets/Specification details

text/pdfLondon UER51_71.pdf

Karcher Design products are designed and measured in metric. The imperial measurements are close approximations to the actual metric dimensions. 
Do  n o t use chloride-containing cleaners (especially those containing hydrochloric acid), hypochlorite bleaches, chloride wipes and silver cleaners.